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Morning Worship and Children's Church - December 4, 2022

This Sunday, Pastor Brian Pinson will share with us a beautiful message that is especially relevant at this time of the Advent season.  Taken from John 11, the message will lay out in more detail the purpose of Jesus' birth -- for the salvation of humanity.  He is the Son of God, taking on human flesh, in order to know each of us more intimately.  He knows when we cry out to Him because of our hurts, our pain, our sickness, our grief -- there is not anything we can go through in this life that He has not already experienced ... yet without sin.  He sees our tears, and He fully understands our suffering.  His birth - the First Advent - began the beginning of God's salvation plan for humanity.  We invite you to join us to hear this message - either in person or online - with open minds and open hearts.  As believers, we are reminded to "keep our lights burning brightly" until His Second Advent when we will all go home to be with Him forever.  Everyone is welcome!!!

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This coming Sunday we will be celebrating The Lord's Supper.  After the music worship and a brief message, we will demonstrate our thankfulness to God for providing us His Son as a sacrifice for our sins.  We partake of Communion to remember Jesus - His body and His blood - given for us on the cross in fullfillment of God's plan for our redemption.  May God fill our hearts with love and gratitude for Who He Is to us as His Children.  Thankfulness should be a daily expression, not just during the Thanksgiving season.  Join us this Sunday as we celebrate Communion. 

Also, please remember in prayer those who are struggling this Thanksgiving -- poverty, grief, depression, isolation, sickness -- and most of all, be kind.  God bless you all this week!!!