Vision Statement

The vision statement for Calvary Baptist Church is as follows:

To Exalt the Lord, To Equip the Saints, and To Evangelize the Lost.

Vision (seeing as God wants us to see) is crucial for the people of God. It is through vision that we know and stay aware of who we are, why we are here, and where we are going. Without vision, a church will end up in a maintenance program maintaining the status quo. This results in a church going nowhere (Prov 28:18). As God’s people, we need vision. We need to see the greatness of God and what is ours in Christ, but not simply for our own strokes or personal blessing. We need to see the world as God sees it and where our responsibilities lie as members of the Body of Christ. This means a vision for (1) every member ministry, and (2) what ministry consists of in Biblical terms.

To Exalt the Lord… We will meet at Calvary Baptist Church at the appointed times for corporate worship of the Lord and for instruction in righteousness and holy living. Our members will be given the truths of God’s Word on a regular basis and encouraged to grow in their day to day living according to the principles stated in the Scriptures. All attitudes and actions are to be led of the Spirit of God by the Word of God.

To Equip the Saints… Each believer is given Spiritual gifts for use in the performing of God’s will. At Calvary Baptist Church the teaching of God’s Word as led by the Spirit of God will aid each believer in the developing a personal, daily walk with the Lord, helping each other to discover the gifts that God has entrusted to him for the advancement of the Church of Jesus Christ through the local body of believers at Calvary Baptist Church. As each believer begins to recognize his gifts he will be fitted to a ministry that will best utilize those gifts for Kingdom purposes.

To Evangelize the Lost… (Matthew 28:19) Calvary Baptist Church will strive for the evangelization of the residents of the area we are responsible for. This will be accomplished by encouraging each believer to be a light in the world that God has placed him in, whether it be a work, school, family or neighborhood setting. Calvary Baptist Church will also have unified church efforts giving opportunities to bring together unsaved people to hear the message of Jesus Christ.