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This Sunday, Pastor Brian Pinson will be preaching from Revelation 2:1-7 in his message entitled "When Love for Christ Begins to Diminish."  The greatest commandment found in Matthew 22:37-38 is that "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.  This is the first and great commandment."  As believers, our lives should reflect our fervent love for God, making Him first in our lives.  The message from God to the church at Ephesus in the Book of Revelation points out the fact that they had lost "their first love", the love they had for God at the point of salvation.  Come and hear more about God's commands to the early Christians to restore their love for God.  You can hear the message online or you can visit us in person.  God loves us enough that when we veer off the right path, He makes a way for us to return to the straight and narrow way that leads us back to fellowship with Him.  Everyone is welcome!!!

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This Sunday, Associate Pastor Craig Ison will deliver his message "Jonah:  The Story of Rebellion and Redemption".  Most people know the general story about Jonah and the Whale, but there is so much more behind the story when you look deeper into God's Word.  It is a perfect picture of God's love, mercy, and grace.  He is the God of giving second chances ... He is the God of showing mercy with judgment when we repent ... He is the God of amazing love for His creation despite our weaknesses. He wants us to be obedient to His plan because His plan is always best!!  Please join us this Sunday to hear this beautiful message.  The service is available in person or online, and everyone is welcome!!!